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3 Mistakes You Are Making That Are Causing Running Injuries

Are you constantly finding your marathon preparation hampered by injury?

Ah yes, the Saturday stroll that turns into the self-pity Sunday. We've all been there.

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit, clear your mind, and challenge yourself. However, even the most seasoned runners can fall prey to injuries if they're not careful.

Whether you're preparing for the New York marathon, or just want to run in the park without worrying about being bed-bound the next day, this article will cover your concerns.

By addressing these issues, you can enjoy a safer, more effective running routine.

What Causes Running Injuries?

Running injuries can stem from a variety of factors.

The repetitive nature of running places consistent strain on the muscles, tendons, and joints, making them susceptible to wear and tear.

Are you placing too much pressure on one foot?

Factors such as poor running form, inadequate training regimes, and even genetic predispositions can contribute to injuries.

What surface are you running on?

Additionally, external factors like running on uneven terrains, using worn-out shoes, or not adapting to changing weather conditions can also play a role.

Understanding these root causes is the first step in prevention.

3 Mistakes You Are Making That Are Causing Running Injuries

Wrong Footwear: Not All Shoes Are Created Equal

Give your feet room to breathe!

One of the most overlooked aspects of running is the choice of footwear.

Many runners believe that any athletic shoe will suffice, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

The wrong pair of shoes can lead to a host of problems, from shin splints to severe joint pain. It's essential to choose shoes that offer the right support, cushioning, and fit for your foot type and running style.

Some shoes I would generally recommend: are Brooks, Asics, Saucony, and New Balance.

It is worth investing money in getting professionally fitted for running shoes. You shouldn't need to 'wear your shoes in', it's a lie!

This small step can make a world of difference in preventing injuries and enhancing your performance.

Ignoring Warm-Up and Cool-Down Routines

Yes, the warm-up is that important.

Jumping straight into a run without a proper warm-up is a recipe for injury. Your muscles and joints need time to prepare for the physical demands of running

Similarly, cooling down after a run helps to gradually lower your heart rate and stretch out your muscles, reducing the risk of cramps and stiffness. Incorporating dynamic stretches in your warm-up and static stretches in your cool-down can significantly reduce injury risk.

Overtraining And Not Listening To Your Body

Your body is your temple. It's your job to look after it, and our body tells us when it needs a little help.

It's admirable to push yourself and strive for better performance, but overtraining can lead to serious injuries.

Your body needs adequate rest to recover and repair. Ignoring signs of fatigue, pain, or discomfort and continuing to push through can exacerbate minor issues into major injuries.

It's crucial to strike a balance between training and rest. Listen to your body; if something feels off, it probably is. Give yourself the necessary time to heal and recover.

Bonus: Free Running Injuries Report

Has Running gone from a true escape from your day-to-day grind to a chore, or a great workout to a long arduously painful time that you'd rather just skip?

If this is happening to you, you're not alone-we hear this from runners all the time. In fact, 65% of runners have running injuries annually.

Our comprehensive report on running injuries sheds light on the main causes and offers actionable advice on prevention.

If you're tired of the recurring pain, if you're frustrated with not achieving your running goals, or if you're simply looking to optimize your performance and prevent future injuries, read our report.

Are you ready for the next step?

Ready to Regain Control Over Running Injuries?

We understand the joy of a morning run and the satisfaction of crossing the finish line. The freedom to run without pain is invaluable.

Don't let injuries sideline your passion. With the right guidance and care, you can overcome running injuries and enjoy a more active, pain-free life.

Book your Free Running Injury Assessment during October and let us guide you on your journey to optimal running health.

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Until next time,

David Stedjan, PT.

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