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We help active adults and athletes get back to the work outs, sports and activities they love with minimal downtime.

David Stedjan, PT, MPT, OCS

Physical Therapist / Owner

David Stedjan received his Master of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia in 2001. Since graduating, David has worked exclusively with patients with orthopedic and sport injuries, patients after surgery, and athletes returning to sports. In 2006, David earned his Orthopedic Clinical Specialty Certification by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

David has lectured at various high schools, senior centers and community events on the benefits of physical therapy. He, also, presented at the Professional Sports Medicine Symposium in 2008 on “Treatment of Low Back Pain in Athletes”

David believes that patients should be treated as a whole, and not just a diagnosis. He attains this through the use of specific exercises, manual therapy, and activities to return to sport or previous levels of function, all designed to address each patient’s specific problems and needs.

David and his family live in Clarkstown and started Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation to be a resource to his neighbors and the community as a whole.

The University of Sciences in Philadelphia
Fair Lawn, NJ
Banana (at work) or Pretzels (at home)
I went to boarding school in Minnesota for 11th and 12th grade
I have always loved sports and just understood injuries and what it does to athletes, so I wanted to be able to help athletes get back on the field, court, etc. as quickly as possible. Whether it’s the recreational athlete or competitive athlete, I wanted to be able to be someone they knew they could count on for help.

Amanda Notley-Kim, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Amanda received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2015. Since graduating, Amanda has worked with people with orthopedic and sport injuries, patients after surgery, and athletes returning to sports.

Amanda helps people through the use of specific exercises, manual therapy, and activities to help athletes and active adults get back to their sports, work outs, and activities they love with minimal downtime. She pays extra special attention to making sure the injuries the stay away with customized plans and activities that continue to help people improve…even when they have fully recovered.

Mashed potatoes, Spanish Chicken and rice, and Korean BBQ
Besides playing with my baby, I enjoy being active outside (especially in the summer) and playing and watching sports .
Ithaca College-Undergrad and Grad school
Bronx, NY and Old Forge, NY
White cheddar cheese-its
Helping people recover from their injuries to achieve their goals while being able to make meaningful connections with them in more ways than one. Working in a friendly environment that encourages growth.
I chose to become a PT because I myself had sustained sports injuries that required physical therapy, and I admired how they got me back onto the field and rehabbed me through my injuries even when I thought I would not return to playing the sports I loved. I love how I can use my knowledge and skills to help those in need recover from their injuries and achieve their goals whether it is being able to navigate throughout their house safely or being able to walk their daughter down the wedding aisle after surgery.

Michelle Grande

Patient Success Coordinator

Michelle may very well be the first person that you talk to at Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. She most definitely will be one of the smiling faces that you see when you first get into our office.
Pot Roast and Ravioli (Not Together)
Entertaining family and friends
Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY
White pizza so ricotta
Talking to the patients both in person and on the phone. Giving them hope that we have the solution to improve their physical and mental quality of life.

Annamarie Stedjan

Patient Success Coordinator / Executive Assistant

Annamarie is one of the first and/or last people you talk to at Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Annamarie works in all aspect of the business, but is highly involved in the insurance side of the business and helps navigate the insurance process whenever needed.

When not helping with our patients, you either can find Annamarie cheering on her daughter and son as they excel in their various activities or you may run into her catering a party for one of your friends or neighbors.

I love cooking, but also love to draw and paint
A granola bar (Nature’s Valley: dark chocolate and oats or peanut butter)
I used to sing opera in High School
Getting to know the patients on a personal level and seeing them progress through their rehabilitation. When they make strides that makes them happy, it is really gratifying to see.