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Can Stress Cause Body Aches And Pains?

Your first instinct might be no, BUT actually, stress can cause body aches and make recovering from injuries take much longer. Life is full of stressful situations… And stress can cause lots of aches and pains. The little aches and slight pains may be different, but they add up and stress can take its toll … Read more

Has Quarantine Become a Pain in the Butt?

We are now more than 2 months into Quarantine and doing our best to flatten the curve and get back to “normal” life. In this time, we have all done our part to fight the spread of COVID-19, but that fight does not come without consequences. Many people I’ve talked to over the last few … Read more

7 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System (So You Can Fight COVID-19 and Everything Else)

Most people understand the importance of a healthy heart, the ability to take a deep breath and healthy musculoskeletal system to improve their quality of life, but many people have never thought about caring for their immune system…until just recently. A strong immune system can protect you from the common cold, a stomach virus, and … Read more

The 15 Things You May NOT Be Doing That Are Keeping You From Being Fit Into Your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

Study after study demonstrate that exercise is vital for staying healthy and avoiding chronic illness. Also, strong bodies and fit people continue to move and enjoy life for much longer. BUT…many people who are getting back to exercising (or are trying to keep up with their exercise program during quarantine) are NOT doing some of … Read more

The Secondary Health Crisis of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world and will be the biggest health crisis that most of us will ever see. It has changed the way all of healthcare will deal with viruses for the rest of time. We are all taking huge precautions to slow the spread of the virus and “flatten the curve”. … Read more

“What Do I Do When Quarantine Gets Painful?”

Since being quarantined at home and being off their normal routines, people are noticing more Neck, Back and Knee pain because they are either sitting more or DOING more. Those who have been sitting more have been complaining about back and neck pain and stiffness, which has caused more tension and tenderness in the shoulders … Read more

What is the Core? And Why is it SO Important?

Everyone who exercises or who has back pain has been told “You need to strengthen your core!” I took gross anatomy and have spent the years with the focus of my life working on the human body and know for a fact that there is no core muscle or core group in the body, but … Read more