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We help active adults and athletes get back to the work outs, sports and activities they love with minimal downtime.

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Empire is Here for You


Are you Suffering from Back, Neck, Knee, Hip, Ankle or Shoulder Pain and Tired of it Coming Back?

Have You Been Let Down by Another Provider and are Nervous and Skeptical of What to do Next?

Then You're in the Right Place and We Can Help!

Whether playing with your kids, cutting to avoid a crowd while walking to a Broadway play, trying to beat the crosswalk light, or striving to win the state championship, you need to be treated like an athlete to get back into your individual game.  We Help Active Adults in the Valley Cottage area Get Back to the Workouts, Sports and Activities They Love With Minimal Downtime!

How We Can Help?

Back pain is the single biggest torment that leads to disability world wide.  It's that "nagging ache" to "sharp pain" that forces you to reach for the painkiller, or at the very least wonder when you can enjoy life again.  Painkillers and rest will not take away the root of the matter what anyone says.  With years of experience, we help people with low back pain find the cause of the problem and will work with you to eliminate the pain and learn how to keep it away.


Knee Pain

Knee pain can be VERY limiting to your life, not to mention frustrating.  And No!...It’s NOT your age, and you DON’T just have to accept it.The longer it is left alone, the harder and more time it takes to resolve.  Knee pain rarely gets better with rest--it may drop a little, but always returns.  We have the knowledge and experience to find the cause of your pain and allow you to return to your activities and sport with minimal discomfort, so you can return to your normal life.

Neck Pain PP compressor.jpg

Whether using your computer, looking at your cell phone, or for some unknown reason, neck pain can be among the most debilitating of symptoms, and can even cause arm pain and numbness.  Neck pain may be ruining your life, but can be treated with exercise, postural re-education, manual therapy, and learning how to take care of your own neck will allow you to take back your life.  We can show you how.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain makes it difficult to keep working (whether its lifting or sitting at a computer), cooking (lifting plates or just stirring), going to the gym, or any of the things that you love.

The shoulder is made up of 4 joints and is influenced by half the muscles in the body, making it extremely complicated to treat.  The shoulder's function is a combination of strength, range of motion, stability, and posture that if any one of those goes wrong, you will not be able to even pull a glass out of the cabinet.


We spend the time needed to determine the real cause, so you can get back to the activities you love with minimal downtime.


Foot Pain

If every step you take hurts, how can you enjoy your time with your family and friends.  Foot pain can be debilitating.  Whether you have plantarfasciitis, a bunion, hammer toes, tarsal tunnel syndrome or just plain old foot pain, we can help.  With years of dedication to the study of foot pain and its causes, we have found solutions to all the various causes of each and every type of foot problem, and can develop a plan specific to your needs.

Rest hasn't worked, over the counter arch supports haven't helped, and an injection is not an option that you want, let us help.

sports injury cover compressed.jpg

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries can be a shock to the system.  What are you going to do now--you just can't do the one thing that you love, the thing that makes you happy, and the thing one thing that you love to do more than any other.

Sports Injuries can occur by twisting an ankle, landing wrong from a jump, falling, or you just feel pain after your shower.

Is this Injury stopping your weekly game with the guys, your tennis match with your "rival" (aka best friend), or has your child missed a bunch of games?  Does pain stop your runs or not let you get to the gym?  And is your performance suffering?

It's time to get some help!

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