…With Effectiveness And Individual Care for All!

“I pledge allegiance to the patients of Empire Sports Physical Therapy

and to the values on which it stands.

Many treatments for different injuries, comprehensive

with effectiveness and individual care for all”

I believe that the best way to be a Physical Therapist is to actually CARE FOR MY PATIENTS. I believe that is the best way to be part of the community and help people in life...not just in there injuries

I am constantly asked ,“What’s the best exercise for back pain?” “What can I do for this neck ache?” “Can you give me an exercise to fix my knee clicking?” The answer is “Yes, I can, but I can’t be sure it’s going to help.”

If I gave everyone an exercise to answer these questions, I’d just be GUESSING…albeit an educated guess, but still a guess.

Let me answer some of your questions about what I mean:

“So, why do you say it would be a guess?”

Each and every patient I see has had a different journey to come see me. Everyone will be going on their own way when they leave our office.

As cryptic as it sounds, it’s true. There is so much information needed to come to a diagnosis that a quick and general answer to these questions can be a disservice and may actually make you worse.

There are minimum 10 things that cause sciatica (which is just one of 7 main presentations of back pain), a hundred muscles that effect your neck, and an entire leg that effects and contributes to your knee clicking.

As someone who has spent his entire adult life not only helping people eliminate their aches and pains, but helping people like you get back to the activities they love with a minimal risk of re-injury and minimal downtime, I have come to the conclusion that quick fixes don’t help anyone…not you, not me…no one.

So, guessing what to do to make a permanent difference in your life without properly assessing everything that got you here and that is going on now is something that can make you worse, or only help enough to make you think you good enough that you don’t go deeper into fixing the real problem.

“So, how do you fix the real problem?”

Now, that’s a little more complicated of an answer…

It takes TIME—time to listen to how this problem happened, how long it has been going on, when it bothers you, and what the problem is stopping you from doing in real life…time to do a thorough examination to determine a real clinical diagnosis…time to explain to you what is going on, what will fix it and how long it will take to fix your specific problem…time doing hands on care…time to give the appropriate exercises and supervise the correct form…and time to fully strengthen to not allow it to come back—all with an expert clinician that will give you all the time that you need.