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Has Your Athletic Performance Decreased?

Training You to Be the Best You Can Be!

Athletic Performance is determined by your strength, speed, endurance, stability, agility, coordination, and conditioning all rolled together to create the best you.  During your training, you may notice difficulty performing your training activities, slow progress, or a discomfort where it wasn’t before.  This can be an indication of an underlying issue leading to a muscular efficiency problem.

Occasionally, people become developed quickly in a manner that may have caused muscle imbalances that limit the ability to progress on your own, and not even a personal trainer or a coach can help you push your abilities to the next level.  That is where Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation’s performance training program can help.

In our Performance Training program, we perform a full assessment of your strength, flexibility, stability, endurance, stability, and conditioning.  We will assess the quality of how you perform your sport or chosen activity, and determine the underlying causes of the issues that are limiting your performance or slowing your progress.  The issues we find in the deep muscle stability often do not allow efficient use of the larger muscles which limit functional performance.

After our full assessment including activity simulation and physical performance tests, we develop an exercise program designed specifically to correct your underlying causes of performance limits with an emphasis toward your sport or activity.  This program will include strengthening programs, stability training, and drills that simulate and breakdown your task into smaller movements that will improve your performance.  Once you complete your sport specific training program, you will be able to continue training and begin to make improvements better than you have in years.

Upon completion of our various program plans, our performance training clients are ready to excel in their chosen sport, exercise program or athletic activity. 

In Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation’s athletic performance program , we customize everything from your training regime to the frequency of the sessions with us.  We have plans from a full assessment and plan for independent exercise programs to 6 session exercise training programs to correct any limiting factors and allow your performance to rise to heights you haven’t been able to achieve in your chosen activities.

We train people from age 8 to 88 to be the best you that you can be, and run faster, jump higher, throw harder, lift more, and win BIG!

How Fit Are You?

Use The Fit Factor to benchmark your Fitness Progress

The Fit Factor an on-line survey, assessing all aspects of your physical health. Questions range from exercise habits and your ability to participate in everyday activities and leisure activities, to interactive self-screening tests on balance, strength and flexibility.  Giving you a result in a Fit Factor score categorizing you into 6 levels of physical health. Then, educational videos will provide a vast amount of information and tips on injury prevention, exercise, posture, development of strength, flexibility and balance.

The Fit-Factor is designed to be repeated over time, so you can continue to use it to assess yourself and take ownership of your physical health.

You can use this awesome tool to direct your independent exercise program, or as a jumping off point for our performance training program.

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