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What People Are Saying...

Dave is an amazing trouble-shooter…..my md told me it was my hip….dave found my back was a strong contributor….he’s great!!!


-Virginia C.

Dave is great at what he does. He has helped me get progressively better since my car accident in January. I’m still have more healing to do but I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now without his help. Highly recommend!

-Laura V.

15 weeks ago I had complete left knee replacement and 4 days later I had right knee partial replacement done. After 4 weeks recovery in the hospital and in patient rehab at Helen Hayes, David started working on my oh so aching knees. I have to use a walker, was prescribed drug for pain management and was not allowed to drive. After 8 weeks at Empire, David advised me not to use canes or walkers anymore, to drive my car, to walk at least a mile a day, and to daily walk up and down the stairs. After 10 years of limping badly and using cortisone and gel injections every 6 months, I am proud to say that i can now walk with ease! Thanks David!

-Lorenzo T.

When starting physical therapy I was hesitant to believe that PT was going to get me running again after an ankle injury. David was patient and funny and made the time fly by. Today I’m running Congers lake again and continue my PT exercises. Highly recommend.

-Sarah P.

I went to Empire after having worked with an orthopedist sports doctor who gave me cortisone shots to relieve severe foot pain. After I returned for another shot, he prescribed physical therapy. I brought the prescription to Empire, and started working. The physical therapist,David, is very good at what he does. He listened to my description of symptoms, and then explained to me what is taking place in my body to cause the problem. He has given me therapeutic exercises to do at home after each session. He has taught me how to rectify the problem by explaining the anatomy of why it is occurring. He has me do therapeutic movements twice a week, and my condition is vastly improved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this knowledgeable therapist to anyone. I feel lucky I found him.

-Frank S.

A huge thank you to Dave for enabling me to enjoy a long weekend celebrating my best friend’s wedding WITHOUT any knee pain. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible.

-Lisa C.