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Physical Therapy for Athletes

Getting You Back in the Game

Injuries are among an athlete’s biggest fears. Athletes are driven by competition, and anything that takes that competition away is devastating. Our goal when treating an athlete is to get you back on the field, court, course, track or in the pool as quickly as possible with as little chance of re-injury as possible.

Sports-related injuries have sidelined many players for games, seasons, and worse…careers. Poor training methods, inadequate warm-up, and lack of conditioning are just a few of the causes of injuries to athletes. Athletes tend to be so singularly focused on wins-loses and improving their craft that they tend to neglect deep muscular stability that set the athlete up to perform well or lose the proper form due to compensation patterns.

When an athlete is injured, Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation will help with coping and healing from sports-related injuries. Our Physical Therapists will help rebuild strength, regain joint motion and joint flexibility, create stability to allow proper form, and re-educate movement patterns needed for a full return to their sport or activity at levels at or above the athlete’s previous competitive level and limit the risk of re-injury.

Injuries are common when participating in organized sports, competition, and training exercises. Each sport carries with it its own risk of injury for an athlete. We are trained in the movements required in each athlete’s sport, and can help the athlete recover and return to competition as soon as possible without the risk of re-injury. As part of physical therapy treatment, we will personalize the program to the athlete themselves, their injury, and their sport or activity through the use of specific exercises, manual techniques, and modalities to speed healing and recover better.

According to the National Institute of Health, the most common sports injuries include sprains, strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, shin splints, fractures and dislocations. Not to mention, shoulder instability, back pain and the dreaded ACL tear. These injuries need to be expertly treated by an experienced therapist to keep the athlete safe. Our experienced therapists will evaluate the athlete as a whole and develop a plan that treats all the deficits and allows the athlete to compete at their highest level.

In addition to muscles, joints, bones, and movement disorders, concussions are a hot topic in sports today. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that may result in headaches, altered level of alertness, and difficulty with activities. An athlete with a concussion must be cleared by a healthcare professional before returning to the play their sport. Often that clearing includes a progressive exertional protocol, which Empire Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is uniquely qualified to administer to assist with return to sport and limit the risk of second impact syndrome.

Athletes in all sports from football, boxing, hockey, rugby and skiing to basketball and volleyball are at risk for concussions. All concussions need to be taken seriously, and managed by an experienced clinician, as concussions are among the most difficult-to-manage injuries in sports today.

We understand the mindset of the athlete, and the importance of getting you back in the game. We treat our athletes to return to their sport with exercises and drills that are specific to the activities of their sport and position, so they can return as quick as possible without the risk of re-injury.