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When Gyms Reopen—Will You Be Ready?

The Lower Hudson Valley Region is re-opening SLOWLY, but steadily. While many businesses have adapted by offering online services, we have remained open and are so happy to see more people being confident in themselves and us and are coming out and into the office—which just shows that re-opening of the state is going well. Most people I speak to are so excited to get back to “normal”, including getting back to their work outs, sports and activities they love. But, Will Your Body Be Ready? If you’ve stayed with your strength and mobility training and have been working out regularly through all this, then you have a better chance than most to get right back into it. Many people I speak to h

The 6 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend in Rockland County (SO that the Coronavirus CANNOT Ruin

I know what everyone expects from a Physical Therapist who says that I have 6 things for you to do this weekend… …you are all thinking that I am going to give you 6 exercises to stay healthy… …BUT not this time. I really want you all to get back to the activities that you love, and I know that this Memorial Day Weekend will be unlike any that we have ever seen! The good news is that there are still 6 activities that you can do that do not include the beach or the yard. (Although, the yard could keep you busy all weekend, but haven’t we all had too much time to be working on the yard). 1. Walk the Lake Congers Lake and Rockland Lake are OPEN. This has been the standby activity over the las

Has Quarantine Become a Pain in the Butt?

We are now more than 2 months into Quarantine and doing our best to flatten the curve and get back to “normal” life. In this time, we have all done our part to fight the spread of COVID-19, but that fight does not come without consequences. Many people I’ve talked to over the last few weeks are trying to stay as active as possible, but with the required social distancing that has led to working at home, teaching the kids, and all the extra time to sit on the couch, it’s really hard to stay as active as you were before. We all know that staying active is essential for healthy living and making sure that when we get past this health crisis that we will be healthy in other ways (For more infor

7 Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System (So You Can Fight COVID-19 and Everything Else)

Most people understand the importance of a healthy heart, the ability to take a deep breath and healthy musculoskeletal system to improve their quality of life, but many people have never thought about caring for their immune system…until just recently. A strong immune system can protect you from the common cold, a stomach virus, and (YES!) even COVID-19. During the last 2 months, the fear of coronavirus has taken hold of many of us, to the point of a complete LOSS OF CONTROL of our lives. That loss of control has frustrated many, created fear for many, and paralyzed many. BUT, there is a way to take that CONTROL back. Strengthen your immune system! So, I felt it was time to tackle this to

The 15 Things You May NOT Be Doing That Are Keeping You From Being Fit Into Your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

Study after study demonstrate that exercise is vital for staying healthy and avoiding chronic illness. Also, strong bodies and fit people continue to move and enjoy life for much longer. BUT…many people who are getting back to exercising (or are trying to keep up with their exercise program during quarantine) are NOT doing some of the necessary things that will keep them injury free and able to get the most out of their work outs. As people go through their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, their bodies are changing again as they start to lose some of their flexibility, discs wear and arthritis starts. Here are ‘The 15 things you may NOT be doing that are keeping you from being fit into your 40’s, 50’s

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